Wayne Huang, PhD
CEO, Rapid Learning Inc.

Dr. Wayne Huang is an entrepreneur, author and educator. He is the founder and CEO of Rapid Learning Inc. (http://www.RapidLearningCenter.com), the leading e-learning courseware provider for physical science, biological science, mathematics and statistics.

He has pioneered the Rapid Learning SystemTM with rich-media teaching and game-based drill, plus super-condense cheat sheet, making learning of even tough subjects fun and easy. Students and teachers around the world have been benefited greatly from the raipd learning courses, with the 24-hour series - hour by hour and chapter by chapter's mastery of traditional courses, the rapid learning way. He and his team of scientific faculty and creative developers have published over 100 rapid learning courses on many subjects such as chemistry, biology, physics, math, and statistics.

He received his master degree in physical organic chemistry from Ball State University, Indiana and PhD in computational chemistry from University of California, Irvine, with Professor Warren Hehre, whose advisor was John A. Pople (1999 Chemistry Nobel Prize Laureate).

He has co-authored numerous chemistry books (including textbooks used by many universities around the world). He is also the chief editor of daily e-newsletters "Chemistry Tips", "Biology Tips", "Physics Tips" and "Math Tips". He is a rapid learning coach and the author of a number of rapid learning manuals - "The Guide to Rapid Learning - How to Learn Anything Fast", "The Chemistry Survival Guide", "The Physics Survival Guide", "The Biology Survival Guide" and "The Math Survival Guide", plus a number of test-prep study guides on MCAT and others.

His passion is to write books, create rich-media courses and develop learning tools to share with studets his break-through learning system. He continues to push the next frontier of learning innovation with the integration of rich-media, smart teaching and new web technologies to many fields, both at high school and college levels, via the rapid learning portal - http://www.RapidLearningCenter.com.