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Chemistry Survival Coaching


My Ultimate Gift to You
Dr. Wayne's Chemistry Coaching Club

You have gone this far, I want to reward you with this unannounced gift - my personal committment to your chemistry success. I will personally coach you the next three months to guide you through your chemistry mastery in my inner circle of Chemistry Coaching Club. Serious students only.

Here is how it works. . .


I will take 180 students per semester into this coaching program. Once this reaches 180, you will have to wait for the next semester.


After three months, if you wish to continue my coaching, you must contact me to check the availability. The renewal is NOT automatic and the renewal fee will be $297/three months.


Each club member will have 24/7 access to me personally via email (no phone call). Questions must relate to your chemistry class. I will personally (Not my assistants) respond to you.


Each week, you will receive member-only Chemistry Survival Weekly newsletter filled with insider tips and FAQs on topics related to chemistry and study in general. You will receive a mini-tutorial in Flash for selected core chemistry concepts.


To enroll, simply grab your copy of Chemistry Survvial Kit today (on the right) and you will instantly register for the coaching program and detailed instruction will be sent to you.

What is Core Concept Tutorial?

It is to teach you the essentials you must master and the problem-solving associated with these concepts. Don't mistake our self-taught tutorials with your teacher's lecture presentations (instructor-guided) or help text you find on the web (unorganized).

The topics of these core concept tutorials have been carefully selected and our web-based learning tools have been designed professionally by instructional experts and chemical educators, guiding you the concept understanding and problem-solving in a dynamic learning environment and self-pace style with simplicity.

The goal is to get you ready for the exam quickly by studying a few core concepts and how to relate them to solve problems. It is your fast-track to chemistry learning.

With All of These, How Much Is It Worth to You?

Here is the GOOD NEWS!! For absolutely limited time only, the entire coaching program ($297 value) is complimentary if you purchase my Chemistry Survival Kit.

Free Chemistry Coaching for the First 180 Students!

Yes, it is free and it is only for the first 180 students who sign up. It's my token to thank you for the willingness to follow the simple system and take your study into the next level.

Here is the catch! The only way you can be sure to be in my inner circle of Chemistry Coaching Club is to get your own Chemistry Survival Kit today, since the seats are running out. Only the coaching students entitle to receive the core tutorials above (limited time offer) and one-on-one coaching from me.

Committed to Your Success,

The Chemistry Survival Coach

PS: You will have the complete chemistry mastery system with step by step instructions and fill-in-the-blank templates, plus hold-your-hands coaching to guide you to the success. This is not the time to sit there and wonder whether you should grab this amazing package. You will have a simple system to follow and the coach to guide you through. It's the easiest way to survive and excel your chemistry.

I am ready to help you - Are you in?

Chemistry Survival Kit - Order Now!



Chemistry Survival Kit - Order Now!
This complete package contains:
130 page Guide and 8 Templates
5-Stage ChemMastery
Super Memory for Chemistry
Complete Chem Exam Guide
Cheat Sheet Templates
12 minute Math Review
Problem-Solving Template
Step-by-Step Worksheets
Professor Insider Guide
Plus 101 Chemistry Study Tips

Chemistry Survival Kit


For $49.97
students will receive two things

Chemistry Survival Kit - The Guide book and the templates - Note: the Math Cheat Sheet is one of the sample templates and can be download for free in the Free Preview page
2 Chemistry Survival Coaching - They will receive a weekly newsletter for tips and core concept tutorials (problem solving in chemistry is one of those sample tutorials), and they will have unlimited personal coaching from the author for three months. For just 2-hour of tutoring fee, you could get chemistry coaching for the entire three months.

The entire Kit is to be delivered digitally
so you can get instant access to this powerful
tool and start benefiting from it right away


"A Must-Have Tool for
Every Chemistry Student"

The Chemistry Survival Guide is much more than a tool to help you study Chemistry — though it does that wonderfully, too! Chocked full of hints, tips, and most importantly processes, the CSG teaches you the study and organizational skills you need to fly through any science course.

Included are a detailed index so you can find any topic you want at a glance, easy to follow step-by-step instructions on topics like how to take and organize notes, memory aids that make chemistry a snap, a tutorial to answering test questions, and even insight into your professor's mind—they don't want you to fail, really!

What's truly great about the book, besides being written by a scientist, is that the skills the reader learns are transferable to any pursue, academic or in life. This book is a must-read for students and professionals.

Dr. Richard Sandore (M.D.)
Laguna Beach, California

Waiting ... Free Kit Available!
Chemistry Survival Program is all Sold Out
. It is no longer available to order at this time. However, you can claim your free copy of Chemistry Survival Kit, here is how ...

1. Go to and subscribe one of the eight "Teach Yourself Chemistry in 24 Hours" premium courses.
2. Send your order ID to with a subject line "Free Chemistry Survival Kit", we will send you a copy of Dr. Wayne's Chemistry Survival Kit at no cost.

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