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Reviews from Professors, Parents and Students

All quotes are unedited and posted as is with their permissions


I Wish You Were My Teacher!

"I really enjoyed reading Dr. Wayne's Chemistry Survival Guide and for the first time in my life, I actually thought I could learn the subject. I was mesmerized by the way you presented what I always thought to be a boring topic."

"He has a writing style that lures in the reader, the “hook,” if you will, that even fiction writers have difficulty with. I was hooked before I realized what was happening. And in that process, I actually found myself rethinking my approach to other subjects and day to day living. I have improved my life because of your writing approach."

"I hope he will be writing about other subjects and allow me the opportunity to read those books, too. Dr. Wayne, you are a breath of fresh air. Thank you!"

-- Sandi Gostin
Rancho Santa Margarita, California


Dr. Wayne is a Top-Caliber Professor!

“I had thefortune to co-lecture with Dr. Wayne at the fall semester of 2004 at CalState Fullerton. His passion for teaching is appealing and contagious."

"His systematic approach made complex lectures as simple as a snap. He articulates the lectures so well making seemingly dry materials very stimulating learning experience for our students."

"He is very masterful in engaging students in the lectures. I highly recommend him and his work. You can't go wrong with such a top-caliber professor.”

-- Dr. Catherine Atwong
Associate Professor
California State University, Fullerton, California


A Passion for Education

“I have known Wayne for four years, and he is always courteous and helpful in a cheerful and positive way. He is extremely knowledgeable on the subject."

"Wayne has a passion for education through the use of innovative methods and has contributed significantly in his field."

"I have read all of the educational books that Wayne has co-authored. I have benefited from his information more than from any other source of literature. The clarity of thought presented is in great measure to the efforts of Wayne."

"He and his work have my highest recommendation!”

-- Dr. Ed Wilson
Professor of Chemistry
Coons Biomedical Sciences Chair
Harding University, Arkansas


I Got a 90% on the exam and I am so happy!

”Dr. Wayne, just an update on where I'm at...I got my 2nd exam back and by using your KUDOS method and studying my math concepts like crazy, I got a 90%!!! I am so happy!”

-- Rebekah C.
Chemistry Survival Coaching Student


You make it seem so clear!

“Dear Dr. Huang, Your explanation made perfect sense and was very understandable...Thank you!"

"Our teacher went through this today in lecture, but in such a round-about way, I was just left confused, as were my classmates."

"I will apply this understanding to my current titration lab I am working on for class."

"I have begun to look over the materials my mom ordered for me yesterday - I hope to have a block of time this Thanksgiving holiday to read it through thoroughly. I think your Chemistry Survival Guide is just what I need, and being able to ask questions is an excellent added bonus. Thank you for taking your time to help students achieve more. I feel so fortunate to have found your URL/program as I was researching chemistry information...I just happened to notice a little ad on one of the pages... Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question and have a good evening. You were a great help!”

-- Eva H.
Chemistry Survival Coaching Student


Dr. Wayne Has My Highest Recommendation

"I have known Wayne since the fall of 1991 at UCI. He has co-authored several chemistry books, which have been widely adopted by four-year colleges and universities across the nation. I have also adopted some of the methodologies Wayne developed and found them useful for my own."

"I attended two of his workshops and I found both very informative and helpful. He is scientifically savvy and know how to teach as he communicates effectively. He really understands students' needs and their problems."

"Wayne has my highest recommendation!"

-- Henry Po
Professor of Chemistry
California State University, Long Beach, California


The Teacher Likes the System Too!

"I am in my first year of teaching high school chemistry and biology. I have spent the last year restudying these subjects, as it has been many years since my own college chemistry courses."

"I wanted to let you know that your survival guide material has been very helpful and confirming. I have found the same confusion among my students that you address in your material. I had already begun to teach them to "process" word problems along the same lines as your method. I had also begun to teach them how to study, write cheat sheets, etc. when I came upon your material. You confirmed by observations as well as gave me some more specific direction in instructing them for college prep."

"I like the tutorials. I go through them myself to resynthesize information as well as gain tips in making the complicated simple as I learn how to communicate concepts to high schoolers."

-- Debra Caputo
High School Chemistry Teacher
Bristol, New Hampshire


A Natural Born Coach

”I have been personally mentored by Dr. Wayne. He is a natural born coach, with incredible talent for teaching. Learning is much easier with him on your side. I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of his system. He takes pride of his work and really knows his stuff. I particularly like his warm personality, humble attitude and willingness to help. Get his products and his help, and you will be sailing to success, no doubt.”

-- Norma Borden
Lifetime Student
Tustin, California


I am so impressed!

”Wayne, bless you!! I am so impressed with your level of customer service I will recommend this program to anyone taking college chemistry! I wish it had been available for me 32 years ago when I was drowning in undergrad chem, at the University of Michigan!”

-- Mark Tims
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Major, USAF and a parent of a chemistry student


A Must-Have Tool for Every Chemistry Student

"The Chemistry Survival Guide is much more than a tool to help you study Chemistry—though it does that wonderfully, too! Chocked full of hints, tips, and most importantly processes, the CSG teaches you the study and organizational skills you need to fly through any science course."

"Included are a detailed index so you can find any topic you want at a glance, easy to follow step-by-step instructions on topics like how to take and organize notes, memory aids that make chemistry a snap, a tutorial to answering test questions, and even insight into your professor's mind—they don't want you to fail, really!"

"What's truly great about the book, besides being written by a scientist, is that the skills the reader learns are transferable to any pursue, academic or in life. This book is a must-read for students and professionals."

-- Dr. Richard Sandore (M.D.)
Laguna Beach, California

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